So, among the various locals I drove past in Norwalk this one stood out to me the most. Not only is it very close to my home and I see it every time I drive down Mapledale but it is unlike all the neighboring houses around it.

After a couple curious stares while driving I decided to stop and see what the inscription on the sign said, Hargitt House Museum. Of course! This vintage home turned out to be a museum that is open on the 1st and 3rd Saturdays of every month from 1-4 PM. Seeing how I was a couple weeks away I made plans to come back for a visit.

Hargitt House Museum

Hargitt House Museum, Norwalk CA. Under renovation.

Well, guess what… turns out I will be waiting an undisclosed amount of time to visit this place since it will be undergoing renovations. And as I drove by it again I am now confirming the alert on the website was not an outdated announcement. Several trucks and workers were at the house, hopefully it’s not too much longer.

I must admit though, I am drawn to it because of it’s oddly creepy vibe it gives off. I’m sure it has lots of great history, I wish I can film here one day.