It is not Shark week but I have definitely seen quite a few shark references this week. I was invited to a boy’s birthday party held here at Norwalk and was told it would be a shark theme which I’ve never heard of before but sounded interesting. When I arrived to the party, sure enough there were elements of an aquatic theme and sharks. There were some pretty clever decorations both edible and not but one in particular drew my attention. This fruit salad creation was neat and delicious!

Shark Fruit SaladCouldn’t help but feel like he would snap at any second when trying to reach into his mouth.

When leaving the party later that night I ran into a buggy. Yes, those Volkswagen Beetle cars. One of the older models, like the famous Love Bug, Herbie. This one in particular had wire frame design on it with lighting that looked like, yes you guessed it, a shark!


This Shark Buggy sits at 15115 Greystone Ave, Norwalk CA 90650 if you want to check it out. It’s always curb side but I don’t know if it’s lit every night although I do often see it lit up when I drive by. What other little quirky curiosities does Norwalk hide?