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Last Day for Holiday Home & Business Decor Contest!

Tomorrow is the last day to enter! December 16, 2016. Submit online to: http://norwalk.org/i-want-to/enter-the-home-and-business-beautification-contest

Show your holiday spirit and win!

It’s that magical time of year when our community celebrates the season with lights and ornaments of all colors, shapes and sizes.  The City of Norwalk Community Promotion Commission invites merry and creative residents and merchants to enter our Holiday Home and Business Decor Contest.

Holiday Home and Business Decor contest

Entries are not required to be self-nominations.  Applicants may nominate other individuals’ homes or businesses.  Nominated parties must be Norwalk residents or Norwalk business owners/managers.

Apply one of three ways (photo or brief video must accompany entry):

  1. Click on the application to fill out, print and submit in person, through email or postal mail.
  2. Complete the online form below to automatically enter (Photos should be emailed separately to publicaffairs@norwalkca.gov with nominee’s name in the header).
  3. Pick up an application at any City facility and mail or submit in person.

Holiday decor must be outside of the business or home (not inside)and viewable from the street. Winners will be selected in the following categories:

  • Best Display-Residential
  • Best Display-Business
  • Best Group Entry*

Contest winners receive signage commemorating their award and will be recognized at a City Council meeting.  Gift cards to a local home improvement store will also be awarded to residential winners only.

Application deadline is December 16, 2016. Commissioners will be visiting nominated properties December 17 through December 30.

*Group Entry must be three consecutive homes or businesses decorated in a unified theme.

All nominations must comply with City of Norwalk building codes.

Tomorrow is the last day to enter! December 16, 2016. Submit online to: http://norwalk.org/i-want-to/enter-the-home-and-business-beautification-contest

Halloween at Norwalk

This is now my third Halloween here in Norwalk and I have enjoyed it quite a bit. Halloween is my favorite holiday of the year. Not only is it my birthday month (my birthday is a week before Halloween), but I love creating costumes and dressing up as some of my favorite characters. As an actor, the thrill of becoming the character not just in looks but truly engulfing in their world is exhilarating.

In 2014 was my first Halloween in Norwalk and I went as Twisty the clown, yes from American Horror Story. My fiance loves clowns and she wanted for us to dress as one for this year’s costume theme; of course she wants to do a cute circus clown look. I definitely had to go horror and seeing how Twisty was fresh and new (and no costumes were out yet) I had to do him. Quickly I got fabric and materials and pushed out the final look. All we did was go trick-or-treating to take my fiance’s son out for candy but it’s always worth it to me. We did stop by this one haunted house on Hopland St in front of the Earl E. Edmonson Elementary School but they were taking too long to open and the little one was being impatient.

This was also the first time I got to see the Halloween parade the city hosts every year. I decided I will become a part of it in a future event.

The second year 2015, was a bit more rushed as we had a bunch of stuff going on. I didn’t dress up for trick-or-treating this year nor did I enter the Halloween parade as I hoped but I did put together a quick costume look that I had done prior for a Halloween party.  My Captain Jack Sparrow costume needed a twist and as I love the Walking Dead I decided to turn Jack into a walker! My fiance did an impromptu scarecrow look and off we were to party the night away. Sorry for the picture quality, we didn’t remember to take a proper photo.

In 2016 I was back in full Halloween mode! I got started on my costume mid-October (wish I started sooner) and this year the theme was Nightmare Before Christmas. My fiance’s son was to be Barrel, one of Oogie Boogie’s henchkids. My fiance as Sally Stitches and myself as Jack Skellington. It came down to the last minutes before I had my costume “presentable” but not to the point I wanted it to be. Despite a few setbacks, I had also completed a Zero dog prop that I carried about as a lantern. I, again, forgot to take pictures of all of us but at least we had one that we managed to save.

We went to the Halloween festival the city of Norwalk held at the civic center lawn. There was a large gathering, many people and kids in costumes sharing in the activities. I got asked for photos (if any of you see this and took one, please share with me!) but we weren’t there for long as my fiance’s son had little patience to being there or participating in anything. Off we went to trick-or-treat, we walked a few blocks in a couple directions but noticed almost nobody was giving out candy in comparison to previous years. Now that I think of it, the year before seemed like it was less also. Only thing I could think of was that more people were opting to join the Halloween festival instead. Which I wouldn’t blame them, it’s more festive and full of life. It wasn’t long before the little one was done walking and decided to call it a night.

Next year, I’m aiming for the parade and Halloween festival. Will likely bring back Jack Skellington with a few improvements as well as possibly doing a full lawn decoration and nightly performance.

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