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Up to Speed!

Since my last update a couple of amazing things happened to me that I’d like to share.

  • I have since became a Disney Annual Pass-holder! I have been covering a lot of ground at Disney getting some much needed vacation time in. Not only that but doing some research on characters (for costumes and props) as well as merchandise (for a possible business venture). One of the best choices I’ve made to date.
  • Additionally, I went on a Cancun trip unlike I’ve ever experienced. Definitely broke a lot of “firsts” out there but more on that when I post my in depth review of it.
  • Planning stages for productions have started, we are working on creating a few scripts to put into production for Zombday Productions, my zombie instagram page turned horror production company.
  • As part of my production plans, I started to add a catalog of inventory which includes technical equipment, wardrobe & props to be used for future productions and collaborations.
  • Preparations have begun for this year’s Halloween! I have plans to put forth a Halloween Yard theme of Nightmare Before Christmas which will also be a featured Norwalk Parade entry. My goal is to have a place where Norwalk residents may be able to come take pictures with Jack.

Temporary Hiatus

A lot has happened in the last few months. I had so many plans and topics I wanted to cover and write about but didn’t get to.

The major setback though, I faced two losses in my life back to back. Had never lost anyone before so I had a slew of new emotions I had to deal with.

I am back now to continue where I left off and I may be going into details of some of the happenings that occurred or got to cover. Additionally, there are some upcoming events I need to cover so I’ll have to details out shortly too.

What to expect…

I will go ahead and jump right to it; I have developed many websites in my time and this is just another one to add to my list. Although, this one is possibly the most personal one I have of them all. I will be showcasing places and events I personally am at or will be going to. Writing reviews of the places I go to eat, drink, receive services or go for entertainment. I may end up saving you a bad trip or end up showing you of a new place you have not quite heard of yet. Welcome to my adventure and I, Frankie, will be your guide for the ride.

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