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Up to Speed!

Since my last update a couple of amazing things happened to me that I’d like to share.

  • I have since became a Disney Annual Pass-holder! I have been covering a lot of ground at Disney getting some much needed vacation time in. Not only that but doing some research on characters (for costumes and props) as well as merchandise (for a possible business venture). One of the best choices I’ve made to date.
  • Additionally, I went on a Cancun trip unlike I’ve ever experienced. Definitely broke a lot of “firsts” out there but more on that when I post my in depth review of it.
  • Planning stages for productions have started, we are working on creating a few scripts to put into production for Zombday Productions, my zombie instagram page turned horror production company.
  • As part of my production plans, I started to add a catalog of inventory which includes technical equipment, wardrobe & props to be used for future productions and collaborations.
  • Preparations have begun for this year’s Halloween! I have plans to put forth a Halloween Yard theme of Nightmare Before Christmas which will also be a featured Norwalk Parade entry. My goal is to have a place where Norwalk residents may be able to come take pictures with Jack.

Norwalk 8 – Regency Theater

I recently stumbled upon this Norwalk gem and it is now my go to theater now. I would always drive by the Norwalk Plaza and see the movies playing billboard advertised. I did realize the movies advertised were not the newest but were still pretty recent. The big selling point for me is that the theater is quiet, the cheap movie ticket price of $2 is also worth noting.

I love being around people and getting to know others, except, when I’m trying to enjoy a movie. I really am the type that needs quiet when I’m trying to enjoy a movie I paid to see. Cell phones ringing, people talking, loud kids, excessive noise from chip bags opening etc. I can’t stand it! Normally, I wait for like a Tuesday morning when a movie premiers at the local AMC so I can go see it and there’s practically nobody in the theater with me. But now, with The Regency Theater, I can go knowing MOST people already saw it and won’t be expecting large crowds. I’ll have optimal seating and if I go during non-peak hours, it will be even less people in there with me.

Most recently, I went to see Underworld Blood Wars. I love vampires and I had to see my actress crush, Kate Beckinsale. It was late in the afternoon and there were only three other people there to see it as well. It was marvelous!

As for the theater itself, the lobby is very colorful and it is circular. There are some arcade games and the concession stand is definitely on the cheaper side. As of today, the prices are as follow:
$2 Movie before 6pm, $3 After 6pm. $2 surcharge for 3D films. A soft drink is $4.50. A hot dog is $1.00 (w/purchase of tickets). Nacho combo $3.50. You have to look at the menu to see what’s a value. From what I purchased, the drinks were on the expensive side but they were pretty large. If you don’t mind sharing with your child or partner then that’s an option. For you folks that like to sneak stuff in, I’d probably just sneak in a 20oz coke but keep in mind that although they don’t do body searches, I did notice they searched a woman’s purse (it was a large purse).

There is plenty of free parking and the movie schedule changes weekly.  You can subscribe to their newsletter to see what movies are playing and show times. Trust me, it will save you time. I had gone to the theater only to find the two movies I wanted to see were both 3 hours away from starting.


Norwalk 8 – Regency Theater

13917 Pioneer Blvd., Norwalk CA 90650


Now Playing & Show Times:

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