WHO AM I? My name is Francisco Ponce or as most people call me, Frankie. I have lived in Maywood most of my life but I now live in Norwalk. I am what some people call the Jack of All Trades. I am an actor (my IMDB), breakdancer, web developer, and avid horror lover with a particular eye for zombies.

WHAT IS THIS PAGE IS ABOUT? To put it simply, I made this page to share various topics relating to the city. From events I am interested in to anything interesting I see or find within the city. A chronicle of my Norwalk adventures so to speak.

WHY? I am a fairly new resident of the City of Norwalk and for the first time in my life I feel a sense of pride for my new home city. In the time I have lived here so far I have realized that this city has so much to offer and I honestly feel right at home. Something I can safely say I had not felt before in the homes/cities I have lived at in the past.