Up to Speed!

Since my last update a couple of amazing things happened to me that I’d like to share.

  • I have since became a Disney Annual Pass-holder! I have been covering a lot of ground at Disney getting some much needed vacation time in. Not only that but doing some research on characters (for costumes and props) as well as merchandise (for a possible business venture). One of the best choices I’ve made to date.
  • Additionally, I went on a Cancun trip unlike I’ve ever experienced. Definitely broke a lot of “firsts” out there but more on that when I post my in depth review of it.
  • Planning stages for productions have started, we are working on creating a few scripts to put into production for Zombday Productions, my zombie instagram page turned horror production company.
  • As part of my production plans, I started to add a catalog of inventory which includes technical equipment, wardrobe & props to be used for future productions and collaborations.
  • Preparations have begun for this year’s Halloween! I have plans to put forth a Halloween Yard theme of Nightmare Before Christmas which will also be a featured Norwalk Parade entry. My goal is to have a place where Norwalk residents may be able to come take pictures with Jack.

Norwalk 8 – Regency Theater

I recently stumbled upon this Norwalk gem and it is now my go to theater now. I would always drive by the Norwalk Plaza and see the movies playing billboard advertised. I did realize the movies advertised were not the newest but were still pretty recent. The big selling point for me is that the theater is quiet, the cheap movie ticket price of $2 is also worth noting.

I love being around people and getting to know others, except, when I’m trying to enjoy a movie. I really am the type that needs quiet when I’m trying to enjoy a movie I paid to see. Cell phones ringing, people talking, loud kids, excessive noise from chip bags opening etc. I can’t stand it! Normally, I wait for like a Tuesday morning when a movie premiers at the local AMC so I can go see it and there’s practically nobody in the theater with me. But now, with The Regency Theater, I can go knowing MOST people already saw it and won’t be expecting large crowds. I’ll have optimal seating and if I go during non-peak hours, it will be even less people in there with me.

Most recently, I went to see Underworld Blood Wars. I love vampires and I had to see my actress crush, Kate Beckinsale. It was late in the afternoon and there were only three other people there to see it as well. It was marvelous!

As for the theater itself, the lobby is very colorful and it is circular. There are some arcade games and the concession stand is definitely on the cheaper side. As of today, the prices are as follow:
$2 Movie before 6pm, $3 After 6pm. $2 surcharge for 3D films. A soft drink is $4.50. A hot dog is $1.00 (w/purchase of tickets). Nacho combo $3.50. You have to look at the menu to see what’s a value. From what I purchased, the drinks were on the expensive side but they were pretty large. If you don’t mind sharing with your child or partner then that’s an option. For you folks that like to sneak stuff in, I’d probably just sneak in a 20oz coke but keep in mind that although they don’t do body searches, I did notice they searched a woman’s purse (it was a large purse).

There is plenty of free parking and the movie schedule changes weekly.  You can subscribe to their newsletter to see what movies are playing and show times. Trust me, it will save you time. I had gone to the theater only to find the two movies I wanted to see were both 3 hours away from starting.


Norwalk 8 – Regency Theater

13917 Pioneer Blvd., Norwalk CA 90650


Now Playing & Show Times:


Last Day for Holiday Home & Business Decor Contest!

Tomorrow is the last day to enter! December 16, 2016. Submit online to: http://norwalk.org/i-want-to/enter-the-home-and-business-beautification-contest

Show your holiday spirit and win!

It’s that magical time of year when our community celebrates the season with lights and ornaments of all colors, shapes and sizes.  The City of Norwalk Community Promotion Commission invites merry and creative residents and merchants to enter our Holiday Home and Business Decor Contest.

Holiday Home and Business Decor contest

Entries are not required to be self-nominations.  Applicants may nominate other individuals’ homes or businesses.  Nominated parties must be Norwalk residents or Norwalk business owners/managers.

Apply one of three ways (photo or brief video must accompany entry):

  1. Click on the application to fill out, print and submit in person, through email or postal mail.
  2. Complete the online form below to automatically enter (Photos should be emailed separately to publicaffairs@norwalkca.gov with nominee’s name in the header).
  3. Pick up an application at any City facility and mail or submit in person.

Holiday decor must be outside of the business or home (not inside)and viewable from the street. Winners will be selected in the following categories:

  • Best Display-Residential
  • Best Display-Business
  • Best Group Entry*

Contest winners receive signage commemorating their award and will be recognized at a City Council meeting.  Gift cards to a local home improvement store will also be awarded to residential winners only.

Application deadline is December 16, 2016. Commissioners will be visiting nominated properties December 17 through December 30.

*Group Entry must be three consecutive homes or businesses decorated in a unified theme.

All nominations must comply with City of Norwalk building codes.

Tomorrow is the last day to enter! December 16, 2016. Submit online to: http://norwalk.org/i-want-to/enter-the-home-and-business-beautification-contest

Halloween at Norwalk

This is now my third Halloween here in Norwalk and I have enjoyed it quite a bit. Halloween is my favorite holiday of the year. Not only is it my birthday month (my birthday is a week before Halloween), but I love creating costumes and dressing up as some of my favorite characters. As an actor, the thrill of becoming the character not just in looks but truly engulfing in their world is exhilarating.

In 2014 was my first Halloween in Norwalk and I went as Twisty the clown, yes from American Horror Story. My fiance loves clowns and she wanted for us to dress as one for this year’s costume theme; of course she wants to do a cute circus clown look. I definitely had to go horror and seeing how Twisty was fresh and new (and no costumes were out yet) I had to do him. Quickly I got fabric and materials and pushed out the final look. All we did was go trick-or-treating to take my fiance’s son out for candy but it’s always worth it to me. We did stop by this one haunted house on Hopland St in front of the Earl E. Edmonson Elementary School but they were taking too long to open and the little one was being impatient.

This was also the first time I got to see the Halloween parade the city hosts every year. I decided I will become a part of it in a future event.

The second year 2015, was a bit more rushed as we had a bunch of stuff going on. I didn’t dress up for trick-or-treating this year nor did I enter the Halloween parade as I hoped but I did put together a quick costume look that I had done prior for a Halloween party.  My Captain Jack Sparrow costume needed a twist and as I love the Walking Dead I decided to turn Jack into a walker! My fiance did an impromptu scarecrow look and off we were to party the night away. Sorry for the picture quality, we didn’t remember to take a proper photo.

In 2016 I was back in full Halloween mode! I got started on my costume mid-October (wish I started sooner) and this year the theme was Nightmare Before Christmas. My fiance’s son was to be Barrel, one of Oogie Boogie’s henchkids. My fiance as Sally Stitches and myself as Jack Skellington. It came down to the last minutes before I had my costume “presentable” but not to the point I wanted it to be. Despite a few setbacks, I had also completed a Zero dog prop that I carried about as a lantern. I, again, forgot to take pictures of all of us but at least we had one that we managed to save.

We went to the Halloween festival the city of Norwalk held at the civic center lawn. There was a large gathering, many people and kids in costumes sharing in the activities. I got asked for photos (if any of you see this and took one, please share with me!) but we weren’t there for long as my fiance’s son had little patience to being there or participating in anything. Off we went to trick-or-treat, we walked a few blocks in a couple directions but noticed almost nobody was giving out candy in comparison to previous years. Now that I think of it, the year before seemed like it was less also. Only thing I could think of was that more people were opting to join the Halloween festival instead. Which I wouldn’t blame them, it’s more festive and full of life. It wasn’t long before the little one was done walking and decided to call it a night.

Next year, I’m aiming for the parade and Halloween festival. Will likely bring back Jack Skellington with a few improvements as well as possibly doing a full lawn decoration and nightly performance.

Pigeon Party at the Radha Krishna Mandir – Hindu Temple?

One day on one of my errand runs, while waiting at a red light on Pioneer Blvd., I happened to glance over to my right and noticed a large gathering of pigeons. Some of them nestled up between the dry dirt, others parading around puffing about like the Godfathers of pigeons, and a few feeding off insects in the dirt. I hadn’t seen such a large gathering of pigeons in quite some time, certainly not randomly on a busy city sidewalk like this. Couldn’t quite figure out why they chose this one spot, it isn’t really shaded. Perhaps they’re sun bathing? or maybe even fed occasionally from someone nearby?

As I looked around, I spotted a peculiar building next to where the pigeons decided to make their stomping ground. When I got back home I looked the place up and was surprised to find that it was a Hindu temple, Radha Krishna Mandir. I have drove down the street many times and had never noticed this building, but, the inside is a sight worth stopping by for.

I wonder what else Norwalk is hiding in plain sight.


If you would like to see this temple, the address is:

Radha Krishna Mandir – Hindu Temple

12634 Pioneer Blvd, Norwalk, CA 90650

Temporary Hiatus

A lot has happened in the last few months. I had so many plans and topics I wanted to cover and write about but didn’t get to.

The major setback though, I faced two losses in my life back to back. Had never lost anyone before so I had a slew of new emotions I had to deal with.

I am back now to continue where I left off and I may be going into details of some of the happenings that occurred or got to cover. Additionally, there are some upcoming events I need to cover so I’ll have to details out shortly too.

The Shark Buggy

It is not Shark week but I have definitely seen quite a few shark references this week. I was invited to a boy’s birthday party held here at Norwalk and was told it would be a shark theme which I’ve never heard of before but sounded interesting. When I arrived to the party, sure enough there were elements of an aquatic theme and sharks. There were some pretty clever decorations both edible and not but one in particular drew my attention. This fruit salad creation was neat and delicious!

Shark Fruit SaladCouldn’t help but feel like he would snap at any second when trying to reach into his mouth.

When leaving the party later that night I ran into a buggy. Yes, those Volkswagen Beetle cars. One of the older models, like the famous Love Bug, Herbie. This one in particular had wire frame design on it with lighting that looked like, yes you guessed it, a shark!


This Shark Buggy sits at 15115 Greystone Ave, Norwalk CA 90650 if you want to check it out. It’s always curb side but I don’t know if it’s lit every night although I do often see it lit up when I drive by. What other little quirky curiosities does Norwalk hide?

Norwalk Sheriff’s Station

Recently became the victim of identity theft. They didn’t infiltrate any of my cards or banking but the perp(s) somehow managed to get two new iPhone 6s and two lines on my Sprint mobile account. Not sure how they pulled that off; made me wonder what kind of documents they had that they presented or what information, if any, the staff at this Sprint/Radioshack requested as proof of account ownership. Regardless, I got some emails about all kind of changes I did not make while I was at my step-son’s soccer practice. It was almost 8pm and at this point Sprint customer service was closed.

The following morning I called Sprint and requested they close, remove and reverse all these changes. Case was opened and forwarded onto their Fraud department. Now I had to pay a visit to my local police department to file a police report. Never had to do one of these before so drove out toward the Norwalk City Hall, one of the police officers in the area pointed me in the direction of the Sheriff department. When I walked in the place looked exactly like how I pictured a police department to look. Large lobby, the front desk was tall, back offices were all covered in the one way glass not being able to see inside. The hispanic lady at the front desk greeted me right away and was very nice. She advised one of the officers would be out to take my report shortly.

As I waited, I glanced around on their wall which had several community photos ranging from several time periods. These older black and white photos lured me right away. I looked at each of these thoroughly, made me curious as to what the history of these photos were. I suppose I’m a bit of a history fan, anything regarding the beginnings of a subject always fascinated me. IMG_1242 IMG_1244 IMG_1245 IMG_1246

The officer came and started taking my report. He seemed a bit cold and I felt like I was being questioned and scolded like if I was the one who did something wrong. But, I understand why he was doing that; he has to ask questions and see if I was possibly trying to pull a fast one to scam Sprint of new phones.  After talking to him for a bit he was more friendly and guiding, offering me advice on what steps to take next such as calling the credit bureaus so nobody can open new accounts under my name. Officer handed me a report slip with my police report number and told me I was done. The lady at the front desk thanked me for coming in and additionally mentioned a Halloween event they are having at the station on October 15th. Haunted Jail Open house with plenty of activities for kids and a camel. I will most definitely coming back for that.


Norwalk Sherrif Station:

Address: 12335 Civic Center Dr, Norwalk, CA 90650
Open 24 Hours a day

Lupita’s Mexican Restaurant

Part of my adventures involves trying new places to eat and I have set a personal goal of trying out all the eatery Norwalk has to offer. My first visit begins with this restaurant that is a couple blocks away from me, Lupita’s Mexican Restaurant.

My first impression of the restaurant was that it was tiny but not too tiny like others I’ve been at before. It was clean and had Aztec like paintings/pots for decor. The menu was definitely something of a puzzle. Not only are all the photos in the wall a bit overwhelming but you can’t quite make out what some of them are. None of them are titled but I did notice on a different wall that they have the numbers of the photos plus a title and price. So, you have to do a bit of matching up to see what you’re going to be ordering. I would definitely recommend them to upgrade their menu display.

As I mentioned, the place is tiny when compared to some bigger restaurants but there is still room for people to sit. It has 5 larger tables that seat 4 people each and 2 small “intimate” tables that seat 2 people each in the middle. Although, I can see how those two intimate tables can be a bit awkward. If there’s more than 2 people in line ordering they’ll be standing right over you or next to you as you eat.

I ended up ordering a Carnitas Wet Burrito, my usual go to Mexican food. Ordered it with Guacamole inside (of course it’s extra for that). They charged 50 cents to use your card to pay which I don’t mind but thought it’s worth mentioning. The prices overall seemed fair, my order was $9.47 and the portion is definitely on the larger side. Normally, I get an option of Green or Red sauce but this location looks like they have their one option. The sauce is like a soup they poured onto it with peppers, onions, tomato and I’m not sure what else. The burrito itself was good and had a little spicy kick. I don’t do spicy food but it had just enough that it was tolerable for me. I would definitely come here again for convenience as it is close by but it is not in my top 3 wet burritos.

Carnitas Wet Burrito

Carnitas Wet Burrito

Lupita’s Mexican Restaurant
15018 Pioneer Blvd.
Norwalk, CA 90650
Mon-Sat 10am – 9pm
Sun 9am – 9pm
Take Out/Order by phone available.

The Hargitt House of my dreams..

So, among the various locals I drove past in Norwalk this one stood out to me the most. Not only is it very close to my home and I see it every time I drive down Mapledale but it is unlike all the neighboring houses around it.

After a couple curious stares while driving I decided to stop and see what the inscription on the sign said, Hargitt House Museum. Of course! This vintage home turned out to be a museum that is open on the 1st and 3rd Saturdays of every month from 1-4 PM. Seeing how I was a couple weeks away I made plans to come back for a visit.

Hargitt House Museum

Hargitt House Museum, Norwalk CA. Under renovation.

Well, guess what… turns out I will be waiting an undisclosed amount of time to visit this place since it will be undergoing renovations. And as I drove by it again I am now confirming the alert on the website was not an outdated announcement. Several trucks and workers were at the house, hopefully it’s not too much longer.

I must admit though, I am drawn to it because of it’s oddly creepy vibe it gives off. I’m sure it has lots of great history, I wish I can film here one day.

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